Antigua Villages Tour

Antigua Villages Tour

Antigua Villages Tour

Q.490.00 per driver

Q.315.00 per passenger

* Valid driver's licence *

*You are unable to book a reservation only with a passenger rate; you must have a driver rate as well. * 

6 Hour Tour

Start Time
9:00 A.M.

This tour will take you up to the base of the “Volcan de Agua” at the indigenous town of Santa Maria de Jesus with an altitude of over 2,070mts above sea level.  You will get to visit the local market at the town’s square. As you make your way back down to Antigua, we will stop in the town of San Juan del Obispo where we visit a local chocolate factory Chocolateria Antigua while here, we will be given a short demonstration of the chocolate making process. After our chocolate rush, we peak our heads next door to a local wine store. Here we can taste and purchase wines made from local fruits such as Nispero, Manzanilla, Mango, and the traditional grapes.  Our last stop in this colorful town will be the plaza of San Juan where we are able to see most of the valley from the south side of town.  Our next stop is San Pedro de las Huertas, where we visit a local jade factory and are able to see and learn about making these rocks into fine jewelry.  Our next and final stop is the food stop.  We visit a local restaurant where we are able to taste local food and some delicious drinks.

Price per person
since Q315.00
6 Hrs.
Schedule Activity
09:00 a.m. Paperwork, payments, delivery of vehicle
09:15 a.m. Leave office and head to San Juan del Obispo
10:00 a.m. Arrive at San Juan del Obispo
10:45 a.m. Leave San Juan and head to San Pedro
11:00 a.m. Arrive at San Pedro de las Huertas
11:30 a.m. Leave San Pedro de las Huertas
12:00 p.m. Arrive at Ciudad Vieja
12:30 p.m. Leave Ciudad Vieja and Head to San Antonio
01:00 p.m. Arrive at San Antonio Aguas Calientes
01:30 p.m. Leave San Antonio Aguas Calientes and head to El Panorama
2:00 p.m. Arrive at El Panorama
03:00 p.m. Leave El Panorama and head back to the office